November 5, 2019

My sme les (We are forest)

We are people who care about stopping the devastation of national parks and rare forests in Slovakia. We are terrified of the unscrupulous logging in them. We are concerned about the access of the state authorities, which threatens them. We are people who love forests and want to protect them for future generations.

Lesoochranárske zoskupenie Vlk

The biosphere consists of a large number of living species and various individual organisms. They lived here long before humans, created communities, societies and acquired a collective memory to survive different life challenges. During billions of years, a life net developed on the Earth, where organisms communicate, cooperate, fight against one another and thus create one superorganism – the biosphere. This all happened without any credit of man. Mankind did not construct the biosphere, humans cannot understand it nor repair it. They can only accept it and cooperate with it. That Something, built and existing without any contribution from a man, is called wildness. Something the man didn't form, and therefore should not destroy. First of all, wildness has its own value, for its beauty, persistence to live, for its perfection that has been growing for billions of years.
Wildness is the cultural heritage of the Earth, its like a portrait of an old master with no one to paint it again.

Český svaz ochránců přírody

ČSOP is a civic association of people who share an active interest in nature conservation and the environment. Our mission is to protect and restore nature, the landscape and the environment, to promote environmental education and support sustainable living. The range of our activitiesis very broad. Among others, we manage valuable natural sites, carry out biological field research and surveys, we strive to preserve the richness of plant and animal life in the Czech Republic, we work with children and youth as well as with the general public, we provide care for injured or otherwise handicapped wildlife, participate in administrative decision-making processes,and cooperate in the preservation of cultural heritage. The Union has existed since1979 and its members come from the ranks of professional naturalists,experienced volunteers as well as pure enthusiasts who simply love nature. Inaround 350 local chapters all over the Czech Republic there are almost 7 thousand adult members and over 2 thousand children organized in groups of Young Environmentalists. ČSOP also registers hundreds of individual members.

Ukliďme Česko (Clean up The Czech Republic)

Civic association Ukliďme Česko was established in 2013 to provide public benefit activities in the field of environmental protection, nature, landscape, human health and in other activities. Our main mission is organization of a nation-wide cleaning event Clean up the world, clean up The Czech Republic, which aims to actively fight against illegal dumps and littering in Czech towns, villages and nature. Civic association Ukliďme Česko is also the official national coordinator of the World Cleanup Day for the Czech Republic.

Event "Kam s ním" (Where to go with it?)

The aim of the project "Kam s ním?" is to make it easy and quick to find collection points and containers in your area where you can legally "discard" your waste. The project also wants to offer and promote places and activities that enable waste prevention or waste reuse such as packaging-free shops, reuse or repairs centers, etc. Ambition is to integrate all available data in this field in the future.


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