A delicate girl and a fairy of unknown origin. Rendir found her once on the street, and his parents "adopted" her. She grew up with Rendir, who was the perfect big brother always watching her back. Being a fragile type, she was an easy target for bullies. After Rendir, Orion stepped into the role of her protector. She undergoes a great transformation as the story unfolds, from a fearful girl to a determined fearless warrior.


A white porcelain elf, a little crazy, but smart. He mounts a flying creature and sets out to dangerous battles against plastic dragons. His motivation is to help Medusa, the same as Luppi´s, since they both feel guilty for failing to protect the king, the court and the entire forest. Specifically, Nunny was given a set of new legs by the forest when his original porcelain ones melted in a fire. He then made a vow to protect the forest to his last breath.


A tree she-elf, a courageous warrior who masters martial arts. She is made of dark porcelain, and together with her beloved Nunny, are the last of their kind. She is a strong personality and supports helpless Medusa in hard times.



A witty, smart and inventive Askaadian living outside the village (tree trunk) with friend Tutto. As a young man, he was a pupil of sorcerer Rendir, who taught him various spells; he has become a somewhat respected shaman. He is confident and courageous.


A slow and stupid stone gnome who likes the world. He enjoys goofiness and loves food. A simple creature who interweaves discussions with unforgettable catchphrases.


The chief of the Askaadians speaks an archaic fiery language, he is passionate and energetic. He has always been on the side of the forest, he has a true Indian spirit, and behind his simple appearance lie pure deeds.


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