About ASKAADIA movie

We are at the beginning of a long and challenging journey, but we believe that if enough enthusiasts come together, they will succeed in creating the magical world of Askaadia, which will take everyone´s breath away

Matyas Brych, the author

What ASKAADIA is about

An epic fairy tale takes place in the mysterious forest realm of ASKAADIA, where innocent and adventurous gnomes, fairies and other creatures live, that have never been seen by man. They are imperceptible and lead a peaceful harmonious life in accord with nature and its laws. However, this fragile world is disrupted by a growing expansion of pollution, which is a threat to everything they hold precious. Plastic waste and trash have now reached the edge of the forest and all seems hopeless. Fortunately, some brave heroes live among the forest creatures, and everyone looks up to them. These "Forest Guardians" will try to reverse the devastating destruction and save the last bit of untouched nature.

Why a topic connected to the environment

The first impulse to create the story was the author's personal urge to point out the immense consequences caused by our irresponsible treatment of nature and its resources; it is  a reflection and a gentle appeal to the youngest to discontinue the mistakes of their parents. This idea is fundamental throughout the film, though hidden at the same time.  There is no controversial or extreme explicit stress placed upon it.

The mirror of today´s society

Simultaneously, there is a great separate story taking place in this world. A story that also delicately refers to today's society. Characters in the film, gnomes living in tree trunks and stumps, in the ground and tree-tops, are confronted with a tremendous catastrophic threat, and the main villain (Rendir) uses fear and propaganda to control others - this way we learn about the power of populism and dissemination of misinformation, which have an enormous influence in today's society, and these radical  outshoots hide the truth behind the lack of education. However, the truth has one extra weapon. Always permeates through lies and hits as the long-awaited light. The fundamental motive says that no evil is absolute and can turn into good. In great determination, the whole universe comes together to make such transformation happen. Friendship and willingness stand up for the truth, a nonviolent struggle has its back, sacrifice, true love - all of these are fragments of a mosaic of such transformations in this film.

Who ASKAADIA is for

Askaadia is primarily targeted at a young viewer aged between 4 to 15 years with a focus on the elementary and secondary education period, when the awareness about the nature and its protection is being formed in congruency with the national curriculum – Natural History,  Science, Biology. However, it will also capture adults, either parents accompanying their kids to the cinema, or adultists interested in animated movies. In this film, for a small moment, even parents will understand that their right to educate is their greatest responsibility; that they should lead by example as models for their offspring, and that nature protection is one of the things where a parent can gain good points in the eyes of his child, while preforming a very useful task. Of course, there is the honoring of the truth and freedom and determination to stand up for them even against a majority. These are the values that children rank much higher on their imaginary ladder of importance compared to us. Children and their unspoiled universe are the most valuable links for us, adults.


In nature, it is more and more common to see incompetent farming, mindless forest clearing and logging, while wooded areas become glades, planting is not structured appropriately, where only economically profitable monocultures are selected, toxic insecticides are applied to battle the bark beetle, which however also happen to kill rare species of insects and animals, and predominantly, it is pollution, which is often toxic, continuous and permanent. It is the forests, water resources and flows, the air and all present organisms and animals that suffer. The objective is to present this acute problem to people, and especially to children - our future and hope - in a nonviolent and playful way.

We also believe in the ethical and moral benefits of child education when it comes to the importance of having an ecological and nature protective mindset. And this is what the end of the movie calls for:

Let us all be Forest Guardians

Participating in the project:

Project´s author and spiritual father is Matyas Brych – story, script, director, producer.


Design and overall graphic visuals prepared in cooperation with the Slovak studio Noise Artillery.


Music and sound design - Opona studio.


The movie will be carried out in the English language, funded by an investor/investors and from financial gifts raised within crowdfunding platforms.

Movie evolution:

2014 – JANUARY 2019
first character drafts – Matyas Brych

basic character design (visuals of the leading characters) and layout of the environment as the fundamental stones for designing the future movie, teaser – Matyas Brych & Noise Artillery

investors – financing system

storyboard and animatic  – Matyas Brych & Noise Artillery

movie production – Matyas Brych & Noise Artillery


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