Once upon a time...

October 30, 2019


first concept of Luppi and Nunny

The first idea for an animated film for a child audience came about 2014. At that time, after completing my first short film, I devised a concept of two little and cute porcelain gnomes. At first it was supposed to be a series of short comedy sketches in the style of plasticine "Purple and Brown" with the only difference - in 2D. But then one evening I told my children a fairy tale that I made up. It was about forest elves, and I automatically included these two porcelain gnomes in the story. I gave them the names Luppi and Nunny.

first Medusa sketches


With my friend and colleague screenwriter Viktor Flekáč, we spent long time on the possible directions of the future script until everything crystallized into a story that Noise Artillery and I decided to film. In addition to the ecological overtones, I intended to incorporate a story in which a lie always loses its battle against the truth because lies have no legs. So I used the ancient Greek myth of Medusa and her gaze, turning everything alive to the stone. However, we turned the idea upside down - Viktor suggested to present Medusa as an innocent fragile girl, and spread a lie about her that she turns everything alive to ... plastic! The story grew with the characters and their motivations, and I included everything in the great fight of little natural beings against pollution.


Medusa and the other characters had costumes decorated with garbage and trinkets with many details.

Nunny and Luppi had cat faces with big dog ears. And both had legs with prostheses.

Luppi was an older brother in our story between 2017 and 2018. Later we turn him into Nunny´s love - badass girl Luppi :)

Crue´s first concept design was a little bit scary :) In the original idea he was grumpy, always angry and irritated.

But Tutto is still the same old Tutto with some little changes in his design.


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