The history of concepts

October 31, 2019

At the turn of 2018 and 2019, the screenplay was completed and final versions of the main character concepts followed. It was necessary to create a teaser. Now 2019 slowly coming to an end, we can see how everything has evolved over time...

Evolution of the Characters and development of the teaser.

After making an agreement with Noise Artillery, Michal Horňák started to work on Nunny and Luppi costumes. We tried different directions, but in the end we chose to go for fully natural version of the costumes. Nunny retained the upper garment from the original design (epaulette with bayonets and some details), the lower and root legs are new. Luppi kept her hood and bow, and Michal created a brilliant look for the clothes.

Then Matyas Brych incorporated these modifications and concepts into the final 2D version.

The first completed concept of all main characters from early 2019 by Matyas Brych, these are the Forest Guardians:

And here you can see some work in progress:

And here you can see the concept of Nunny´s flying creature:

...and the main villain - Rendir:

From 2D to 3D models of Medusa and Nunny by Ladislav Kováč (Noise Artillery)

Development of the forest from sketches to realistic 3D:

And here is the final result:

Another example shows how Noise Artillery's graphic designers worked out the concepts of Michal Horňák and created an amazing scene with Medusa and Nunny looking from a tree branch into the distance at a factory devastating and poisoning nature.


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